Dream Valley Music


A futuristic collection of exciting atmospheric tracks for technology, science fiction and sports.
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1. Battlezone
   A tough, uncompromising, state-of-the-art soundtrack.
2. Voyager
   Driving rhythm and sweeping chords dip & weave through an atmospheric wash of sound.
3. Quest
   A contemporary anthem with huge drums and wide layers of sound.
4. Neuroscape
  Dark and strangely beautiful atmospheric theme.
5. Arrival
  A modern dance track to accompany energetic imagery.
6. Freescape
  Heavenly soulful voices & long sweeping chords. Evokes feelings of Freedom and wide open spaces.
7. Breakthrough
  Exciting, edgy and modern. Futurism packed with lo-fi guitar and warped drum layers.
8. Eternal Journey
  A brooding bassline fused with a simmering wash of atmospheric sounds.
9. Compulsion
  Builds an uneasy, thrilling feeling of discovery & mystery.
10. Metallic Wasteland
  Cutting edge percussive FX fused to a dystopian orchestral break.
11. Fractured Light
  Organic splinters of sound weaving patterns over deep tones & fractured chords.
12. Expand
  Atmospheric bed for art installations, landscapes and environmental projects.
13. Speed of Night
  Evoking visions of speed, excellence and hybrid technology.
14. Free Ride
  Long, rolling, hypnotic workout tinged with mystery & excitement.
15. Free Ride (sunset)
  This drifting bed of sound mixes seamlessly with ‘Free Ride’.
16. Tormentia
  Demented snatches of sound tumbling over a relentless rhythm.