Dream Valley Music



Welcome to the world of Wicked Little Symphonies...
Some happy, some sad, some totally mad.
But all with the same secret message.
"Believe in a tune with all of your heart.
Then wondrous things will begin to happen."
I know you can do it.
And I wish you luck, my friend. All the luck in the World...


1.  Skippy Dippy Day  Join the procession. You can skip & bounce all day long.

2. The Secret Path  You may wonder where you'll wander.

3. A Midnight Symphony  Sinister, eccentric. Terribly naughty.

4. Another Happy Day   Happy. Carefree. And totally, totally bonkers.

5.Dance Of The Cherubs   Gloriously chubby and monstrously light on its feet.

6. Another Lovely Day    There's so much to do when you're making something magical.

7. Funny Little Things   Something wriggly is haunting your head.

8. Enchanted Fantasy   A long journey has many perils. And many allies.

9. On Reflection   To witness beauty, one must be in the realms of a dream.

10. Another Working Day   How can it be work, when it's so much fun?

11. Showtime    When the curtain is raised, all the world's a stage.

12.Song Without Words    A haunting beauty comes only from within.

13.Celtic Requiem    The day of reckoning is upon us.

14.An Unfortunate Incident   If you become unhinged. Be happy. Your troubles are at an end.

15.Mountain Lake    A land of magic and make believe is the best sanctuary of all.


The Wicked Little Symphonies illustration is 'Le Songe de Tartini' by Louis-Leopold Boilly (1824)