Dream Valley Music

"Dream Valley Music tracks that have been licensed the most times over the past month." Simon Power 

Top 10 downloaded tracks...
September 2017
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. Battlezone
   This tough, futuristic soundscape features in the latest Audi A4 Quattro ad.
2. Follow Me
    Bright female vocal led song featured on You Tube's Walterrific 'Master Chief' video.

3. A Balanced Life
    An even, mid-tempo vibe offering feelings of success & satisfaction.

4. Another Happy Day
     Happy, carefree and a tiny bit crazy!

5. Celtic Requiem
     Gothic solo voice with cello. Alluring, eerie and enchanting.
6. Keep Movin' On
     Big, brash hi-energy dance music with a soulful vocal. Used in the award winning feature film, Chamber's Gate.

7. Arrival
    Positive driving house music with a euphoric guitar hook.

8. A Midnight Symphony
     Humerous and eccentric with a woozy ghostly sounding hookline. 
9. India Celebration
     Modern Bhangra rhythms fuse with colourful vocals, drums & traditional instruments.
10. Future Solutions
   An atmospheric bed with echoes of Tangerine Dream.

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